Sacred Heart School is Fully Accredited
by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and by the Western Catholic Educational Association.

School Information

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Download the attached tuition plan document and tuition payment coupons from the list of links below for the 2017-18 school year. Use this link to set up your FACTS tuition agreement. https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3FVFD

School Learning Expectations

SACRED HEART SCHOOL SCHOOLWIDE LEARNING EXPECTATIONS Sacred Heart Students will be committed to deepening their faith. pray daily celebrate Catholic traditions and Sacraments follow Catholic teachings and scriptures live as Jesus did  Sacred He...

Sacred Heart School Philosophy

The central focus of Sacred Heart School is our belief in God and in the principles of the Catholic faith. We are dedicated to living the Gospel message through the formation of community and the practice of Christian ministry. We are committed to teaching that honesty, respect for life, peaceful resolutions, and love are essential traits of Christian living. These traits sustain the teaching of the Gospel and support students in making positive choices in an ever-changing world. Our goal is that students will value Christ’s presence within themselves and that through Christian service, worship and a commitment to building community, they will serve God and one another.


Sacred Heart School recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. In partnership with them, we offer a varied and engaging program that emphasizes the spiritual, intellectual, social and developmental growth of each child. We embrace the responsibility to provide a rich learning environment for all students that promotes academic excellence for everyone.


We strive to instill Catholic values by teaching that God is loving and kind, providing religious experiences that enable each individual to grow closer to God, encouraging each child to discover and utilize his or her God-given talents, and fostering a learning atmosphere that promotes positive self-worth. We recognize education as a life-long process, and we strive to prepare children for the journey.

Adopted 12/2011

Sacred Heart Mission Statement

Established in 1953, Sacred Heart School is a parish-affiliated Catholic school serving students in transitional kindergarten through the eighth grade. We strive to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social, and developmental growth of each chil...
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